Meet Kaycha Labs 

You understand the importance of cannabis testing for your products and your commitment to quality.

Kaycha Labs is proud to extend its trusted brand to cannabis products that exceed marijuana state mandated testing standards.

Through our cannabis Certified Testing Program (CTP) and seal of approval, the cannabis community—consumers, patients, growers, manufacturers and distributors alike—can instantly identify that the product has been tested by Kaycha Labs.



Kaycha Labs is back by decades of experience with highly qualified Chemists. 

With MJ BUDDY and your results from Kaycha Labs feel confident with your quality of medicine. 

The most effective way for your test results to be found by consumers. Visit MJ BUDDY now.

The Kaycha Labs Certified Cannabis program is our promise that your test is the most accurate in the industry.

Patient Safety through our compliant laboratories is our #1 priority. 

Florida MMTC's can use

Kaycha Labs

to meet application and license renewal

Diversity Plan Requirement

FL applicants for licensure renewal must show the effectiveness of the diversity plan by including the following with his or her application for renewal:  

A record of contracts for services with minority business enterprises and veteran business enterprises.